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  • Borrowing documents

Item and loan limits

Library materials may be borrowed only by internal users:

  • Graduate students : 2 documents / 14 days (excluding periodicals);
  • Doctorates and post-doc : 3 documents / 21 days (excluding periodicals);
  • Staff : 3 documents / 28 days (excluding periodicals).

For periodicals, the maximum loan period is 14 days and the number of library items on loan at one time is 2 issues, with the exception the latest edition.

Documents exclus du prêt

According to their availability and in order to preserve the reference works (marked with a dot red or green), for bound volumes or periodicals, the last issue of journals are not available for borrowing.

Borrowing procedures

Users must physical check the availability of an item in the library shelves. The library database is not currently updated

You have to fill in a lending form in order to borrow a book. The forms can be found on the borrowing desk. The required information:

fiche_emprunt a) the call number on the vertical section of the book:
- section RESEARCH : 131.635 ou 131.L36.MIL.2002
- section MASTER : L36.MIL.2002-ex.2
b) your name
c) Phone or mail on which you can be reached
d) Office number (optional)
e) title and name of author
f) Date of loan (day, month, year)
g) Signature

Returning borrowed items

Materials may be returned at any time on the trolley near the main entrance to the Library.

Renewing items

The loan period can be extended up to two times as long as the material has not been reserved.

Reserving items

If you need to borrow an item that is out on loan to someone else, you can reserve it by phone or by mail from a librarian. When the item is returned it will be kept at the library one week for you.

Replacement fees

Users shall be responsible for all library materials in their care and are required to replace them or to pay for any damage to or loss of such materials.

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