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Séminaire Doctoral / Seminar PhD

« Is the standard model compatible with dark matter made of black holes? »

Arthur Poisson
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (Paris, France)

The goal of cosmology is the complete understanding of our universe as a physical system. Therefore, it is a very important issue to understand its matter content. In particular, most of the mass of the Galaxy clusters remains mysterious and the identification of this « dark matter » is a challenge either in a theoretical than in an observational ground.
In this talk, I will expose the widely studied scenario where dark matter is made of small black holes formed in the very early stages of the universe’s history. I will assume that all the cosmological evolution can be explained by the already well-understood standard model of particle physics. That is to say, I will consider the case where the population of black holes is induced by a particular realization of inflation where the inflaton field is taken to be the Standard model Higgs boson.
vendredi 8 décembre 2023 - 16:00
Salle Entresol Daniel Chalonge, Institut d'Astrophysique
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