Résumé / Abstract Seminaire_GReCO

"Hamiltonian analytic treatment of spinning compact binaries in general relativity"

Gerhard Schaefer
Friedrich Schiller Univ. Jena (Iéna, Allemagne)

A short introduction to the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner Hamiltonian formulation of general relativity is presented. Some hints to the related formulations by Dirac and Schwinger are given. The validity of the Poincar\'e algebra is stressed for isolated systems. Implementation of self-gravitating spinning particles is performed. Most recent analytic results on higher post-Newtonian terms in binary Hamiltionians are delivered. Applications are discussed.

jeudi 26 septembre 2013 - 14:00
Salle Entresol Daniel Chalonge,
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

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