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Séminaire/Seminar Galaxies

« From Galaxy clusters to cosmic filaments: Impact on cluster evolution & baryonic accretion »

Céline Gouin
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (Paris, France)

Galaxy clusters are connected at their peripheries to the large scale structures by cosmic filaments that funnel accreting material. These filaments are studied to investigate both environment-driven galaxy evolution, out-of-equilibrium gas physics, and structure formation processes. In this presentation, I will first present how the number of filaments that are connected to clusters can be related to their dynamical state and the formation history by using IllustrisTNG simulation (Gouin et al., 2021).Secondly, I will show how the gas is distributed around these simulated clusters, from the hot plasma inside clusters, up to the warm hot inter-galactic medium slowly infalling along cosmic filaments (Gouin et al., 2022), and emitting in soft X-ray (Gouin et al, 2023). Finally, the galaxy distribution around clusters is explored in large photometric galaxy catalogues, suggesting that galaxy stop to forming stars insidefilaments before entering into clusters (Gouin et al., 2020).
jeudi 5 octobre 2023 - 11:30
Salle du Conseil
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
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