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The IAP’s 75th anniversary

The Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (IAP) was first created under the Front Populaire in October 1939, as part of the CNRS. The institute celebrated its 75th anniversary on October 11th 2013.

This was the opportunity:
- To set up an exhibit open to the public, looking back at IAP’s history;
- To make a film entitled “75 years of IAP”, directed by Jean Mouette and produced by CNRS Images;
- To hold an exceptional seminar entitled “Lessons from the Past for the Future of Cosmology”, hosted by Professor J. Peebles from the University of Princeton;
- To give presentations on the history of IAP and the research led in the Institute.

This even t was also associated to the Fête de la Science (“Science Festival 2013”). The lab opened its doors to the public on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October.

The film

The color film lasts 24 minutes. Several French and foreign researchers and engineers are interviewed and they, discuss their work and mention memorable individuals who participated in the IAP’s development, such as Jean Perrin or Evry Schatzman (CNRS gold-medal winner in 1983).

To watch a version of the film with English subtitles, after clicking on the link below, please ensure that on the CNRS website you have selected "English" as the language. If not, click on "English" on the CNRS page, and then once more on the link below.


The exhibit

The exhibit was installed in the institute’s entrance hall from October 11th until December 31st 2013, and was split in two parts, both of which dealt with several subjects described with pictures and posters. Several books, scientific tools and technical accessories were exhibited as well.

The exhibit was coordinated by Jean-Pierre Maillard (IAP), along with many IAP employees. Graphic design: Marie Aumont (Michel & Michel).

by J.-P. Maillard

I - The IAP and its different missions throughout the years

History of the IAP’s contruction
by M. Roux
Designing the building (1937-1946)
by M. Roux
The IAP in short
by V. Bona and L. Vigroux
The IAP and doctoral education
by B. Rocca and J.-P. Maillard
Important international symposia for the IAP between 1937 and 1953
by F. Sèvre
Public outreach at the IAP

by E. Vangioni and J. Mouette

II - Science at the IAP, yesterday, today and tomorrow

Solar and stellar physics, extrasolar planets

The BCD stellar classification

by J. Zorec and J.-P. Maillard
Solar corona and interplanetary medium:
total solar eclipses
by S. Koutchmy
couronne solaire-eclipses
Beta Pictoris: a young planetary system
by R. Ferlet and A. Lecavelier
Beta Pictoris
Search for planets by microlensing
by J.-P. Beaulieu
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer: Fuse
by A. Lecavelier

Wide-field imaging of the sky

A near infrared survey of the southern sky: DENIS
by G. Mamon, A. Omont and G. Simon
From photographic plates and wide-field CCD cameras to the EROS data base
by J.-B. Marquette
ASTROMATIC: software tools for processing and analysis of wide-field astronomical images
by E. Bertin

Extragalactic astrophysics

The Universe in absorption

by P. Petitjean and P. Noterdaeme
Spectral synthesis and models
of galaxy evolution
by S. Charlot
Compact objects and high energy astrophysics
by F. Daigne and R. Mochkovitch


Edelweiss, experiment for direct detection of dark matter
by C. Goldbach and G. Nollez
The PLANCK satellite

by E. Hivon
The contribution of the IAP to
the PLANCK mission
by E. Hivon
Numerical simulations

by S. Colombi
The Lagrange Institute in Paris

by L. Vigroux
Cosmology and fundamental physics: the Big Bang model
by E. Vangioni
big bang
Cosmology and fundamental physics: primordial nucleosynthesis
by E. Vangioni
Gravitational waves

by G. Faye
The EUCLID spatial mission
by Y. Mellier

III - Scientific publications: selection by 5-year interval of the most quoted articles by IAP-affiliated researchers from 1973 to 2013 (summarized title in French)

by G. Mamon and J.-P. Maillard
Schedule for Friday October 11th 2013:

- 11:00-12:30 : “Lessons from the past for the future of cosmology”, by James Peebles (Princeton University)
- 14:30-14:45 : “Opening remarks”, by Laurent Vigroux (Director of IAP)
- 14:45-15:15 : “75 years of IAP” (film), by Jean Mouette (IAP)
- 15:15-15:30 : Reflections on the film, by Jean Audouze (former Director of the IAP)
- 15:30-16:00 : “The beginning of the IAP and Evry Schatzman’s time”, by Suzy Collin (retired researcher at the Paris Observatory)
- 16:00-16:30 : “Extragalactic astrophysics at the IAP”, by Jacqueline Bergeron (IAP)
- 16:30-17:00 : Coffee break
- 17:00-17:30 : “Research at the IAP in 2013”, by Frédéric Daigne (IAP)
- 17:30-18:00 : “Historical context of the IAP and CNRS ”, by Denis Guthleben (historian at CNRS), “The IAP and its achievements”, par Anne-Marie Lagrange (Institut de Planétologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble), “The IAP at the international level”, by Joe Silk (associated scientist Honoris Causa at the IAP), “The future of the IAP”, by Laurent Vigroux (Director of IAP)
- 18:00-18:15 : “The IAP at CNRS”, par Alain Fuchs (Directeur of CNRS)
- 18:15-18:30 : “The IAP at UPMC”, par Jean Chambaz (President of UPMC)
- 18:30-20:00 : Cocktail


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