To celebrate the 80 years of the CNRS, the Institut d'astrophysique de Paris organizes a sleepless night of astronomy, from Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th of June, 2019. On the program: observations (in partnership with the “French Astronomy Association”, the “Société Astronomique de France” and “The little pickers of stars”), a marathon of small conferences (30 minutes), from 8 pm to 8 am, with the theme: “Where will astrophysics be when the CNRS turns 100?”.

These conferences will be broadcast live on the YouTube Channel “Le Sense of Wonder”, and hosted by Sébastien Carassou, Étienne Ledolley, Alice Thomas and Sophie Félix. They will be illustrated by the cartoonists from the Café des sciences. A quiz will be organized by doctoral students, and an exhibition will present in more detail the different research activities at the IAP, but also those of the International Astronomical Union.

Live broadcast here: https://youtu.be/Ik-aBWmHTLU

Pictures taken during the night in the amphitheater and elsewhere

Drawings (in French)

Courtesy: Y. Dubois (Horizon-AGN simulation/IAP) & Euclid Satellite (ESA/C. Carreau) ; ESO/UltraVISTA DR4 ; focal plans of the VIS/Euclid instrument (J. Mouette/IAP) ; simulation of a black hole (A. Riazuelo/IAP)

Programme of the conference marathon


All talks and conferences are given in French.

Antoine Petit 19:30Inauguration of the white night by the President and Chief Executive Officer of the CNRShttps://youtu.be/ALwh0FXD4BI
Sandrine Codis 20:00“The large-scale structure of the Universe”https://youtu.be/7hLT5Ge-i2Q
Roland Lehoucq 21:00“Science and science-fiction”https://youtu.be/R8xK7IA5QOo
Miho Janvier 22:00“The Sun”https://youtu.be/PyqtpBC4c3M
Guillaume Hébrard 23:00“Exoplanets”https://youtu.be/Tc-9F1-4pT8
Frédéric Daigne 00:00“Gamma-ray bursts”https://youtu.be/-NgH_dIPsqY
Pauline Zarrouk 01:00“Dark energy”https://youtu.be/RPE9Oa3PFpw
Sylvain Bouley 02:00“The earthes of the sky, from Flammarion to today”https://youtu.be/7Js7BN7Dx8s
Karim Benabed 03:00“The cosmological fossil radiation”https://youtu.be/FS4VdmxfByI
Pierre Guillard 04:00“Galaxy evolution”https://youtu.be/EAPx9DNYOh8
Francis Bernardeau 05:00“Primordial cosmology”https://youtu.be/XJWhRWLE69s
Alain Riazuelo 06:00“Back holes”https://youtu.be/75uYNSAYX10
Kumiko Kotera 07:00“High energy Neutrinos”https://youtu.be/4Cmj0cBA90Y
Guy Perrin 08:00Closing of the marathon by the Scientific Deputy Director of the Institut national des sciences de l'Univershttps://youtu.be/TnKALtyk3s0
Karim Benabed 08:30Conclusion

Astronomical observations on the terrace

Three groups of 10 people will be accompanied (at 10pm, 11pm, 00am, 01am, 2am, and 3am) to the terrace, where will be several telescopes, and animators of the “French Association of Astronomy”, the “Société Astronomique de France” and “The Little pickers of stars” (association working towards introducing the world of space and stars to hospitalized children).

The observation sessions of the Moon and the planets Jupiter and Saturn, will take place every hour between 22:00 and 4:00, if the sky is clear. A remote controlled telescope will allow to take and to process astronomical images, from a computer installed in a dedicated room.

Our partners

puce The Île de France Region through its programme “Science for all 2019 - scientific, technical and industrial culture”

puce The CNRS

puce The International Astronomical Union

puce The Lagrange Institute, Paris

puce The “French Astronomy Association” (in French)

puce The “Société Astronomique de France” (in French)

puceThe little pickers of stars” (in French)

puce Sorbonne Université

Terms of access

Admission is free, without registration (subject to availability). A food truck (http://www.californiajo.com/) will be present in the yard until around 1 am. Hot drinks will be available all night, and pastries will be offered for breakfast.


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